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Important Indicators of Concentric Machinery after-sales Service System

1. Service Consciousness

More and more enterprises and users attach importance to after-sales service. Strengthening the strategic awareness of after-sales service is the first step to improve the quality of enterprise service.

2. Timeliness of service

Equipment is a tool for customers to make money. If the tool is broken and can not be repaired in time, it will inevitably cause losses. Therefore, the timeliness of after-sales service is an important criterion for evaluating service quality.

3. Professional and Technical Level of Service Personnel

Increasing service input, timely and targeted training courses, gradual upgrading of the professional level of after-sales service personnel and enhancing service awareness are effective ways to improve service level.

4. Service Guarantee System

Increasing investment in after-sales service is the pillar of building a solid service system. Because after-sales service belongs to enterprise consumption department, some manufacturers are reluctant to make reasonable investment in after-sales service.
However, in the long run, after-sales service can effectively enhance the brand image of the enterprise, enhance the core competitiveness of the product market, so as to achieve the purpose of making profits for the enterprise. In addition, the establishment of early warning and response mechanism of after-sales service is an effective way to continuously improve service quality, collect product information feedback and understand customer needs. Enhancing service awareness, strengthening professional training, increasing investment in after-sales service, and creating personalized service system with enterprise characteristics are the best choice for concentric machinery to sustain competitive advantages and increase market share.



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