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Research and development

Technology is the foundation. We should really carry out R&D according to the needs of customers, do a good job of forward-looking market research, and develop forward-looking products according to the actual needs. Make sure that no one has me and no one has me.

Management is the driving force, improve the management system, establish effective management programs and coping mechanisms, and improve the quality and quality of personnel.

Strict requirements for assembly, excellence in products, bearing in mind the truth of separation of advantages and disadvantages, quality for survival.

Carefully do a good job of pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale service and technical support, rely on service to promote development.

Create a good market reputation and commercial reputation, and strive for development with reputation.

Let us truly achieve honesty as the root of quality-based, to achieve the casting of Shenyu quality, tree the elite of the times, seek harmonious development, and establish evergreen industry!



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